Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our most frequent questions can be answered in the FAQs below.
If you have any additional questions please send them to

What is the routing number of the Credit Union?

The routing number for Malheur Federal Credit Union is 323274869. Electronic deposits and withdrawals/payments require your entire 14 digit account number. Please refer to the bottom of your checks for this complete number or contact us at 541-889-3149.

How do I sign up for online account access?

You can sign up for online account access by visiting your local branch.

How can I avoid common fees?

Click here for a list of ways to avoid common fees.

When will I receive my new chip-enabled Malheur Federal Credit Union debit card?

Your card will expire the end of the month of expiration. You will receive your chip enabled DEBIT card approximately two weeks prior to your cards expiration.

What do I do if my credit card or debit card is lost or stolen?

As soon as you are aware that your card have been lost or stolen, contact member services below.

  • To report a Mastercard DEBIT card please call (855) 448-8202.
  • To report a Visa CREDIT card please call (800) 449-7728, or (727) 299-2449 for Out of Country.

For more information regarding reporting identity theft, click here.

How do I order checks?

Checks can be ordered in person or over the phone at any of our branches, or order checks online here.

If you are unable to place an order with our new check printer, Checks For Less, please call us at (541) 889-3149:

How do I sign up for E-Statements?

Once logged in to online banking, simply select “E-Statement” on the menu to submit your request for E-statements.

You will be able to view your first E-statements beginning the next statement period. Click here for more information.

How do I begin using mobile deposit?

Beginning to use mobile deposit it simple. Just email or call your local branch to request that your account be authorized to use mobile deposit.

Keep in mind that deposits are not immediate. Deposits submitted before 5pm will post within 3 hours. Deposits made after 5pm will post the next business day after 10am.

How do I activate or select a PIN for my debit or credit card?

To activate your DEBIT card or select a new PIN, call (866) 985-2273.

To activate your CREDIT card, call (800) 631-3197 or to change your CREDIT card PIN , call (888) 886-0083.

I’d like to switch my banking to Malheur Federal Credit Union. How do I do this?

Malheur Federal Credit Union is dedicated to making your banking experience as simple as possible. That is why we have created a simple convenient way for you to switch financial institutions.

There are four simple steps to switch.

What should I do if I suspect fraudulent activity on my account?
  • To report DEBIT card fraud please call: 855-448-8202
  • To report CREDIT card fraud charges please call 855-616-9185

For more information regarding reporting identity theft, click here.


What is an ITM?

An ITM, or Interactive Teller Machine, offers an entirely new banking experience. An ITM looks like an ATM – the difference is that you have a real-time, face-to-face, private conversation with a MFCU Support Representative through the two-way video feed. You have the ability to conduct the same transactions as you would at any drive-up.

What can I do at an ITM?

Just about every transaction that you are able to do with a teller inside any branch.

What denominations can I withdraw from an ITM?

During an ITM interaction you have access to $1’s, $5’s, $20’s, and $100’s. During an ATM interaction you have access to $5’s, $20’s, and $100’s. When you are submitting how much you are wanting to withdraw, make sure you select the button “Choose My Bills” before hitting enter.

Can the ITM handle coin transactions?

Unfortunately, the ITM cannot handle coin with transactions. If you are in need of coin during your transaction, you will need to have a teller assist you inside the branch you are located at. If you are not in need of the coin, we can cash the dollar value of a check and deposit the coin.