Boards & Committees

business teamMalheur Federal Credit Union is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that is elected from the membership by the membership. As a member over the age of 16, you have one vote regardless of the size of your deposits or loans. An election is held each year to select members to the nine-member Board of Directors. Each position is for a three year term.

Board of Directors

Nine members elected by you, serving three years, and strategically guiding Malheur Federal Credit Union. Think of the board as representatives of the membership who are the bosses of the CEO!

Supervisory Committee

Up to five members are selected by the board, serving three years, and providing to provide financial oversight for the credit union – these are the numbers and compliance folk.

Associate Volunteer Program

This is the entry level volunteer position – it gives you exposure to the different areas of operation, preparing you for what you can expect upon Election or Appointment to a regular volunteer position.

Please let us know if you’re interested in getting involved! Email us at

2019 – 2020 Board & Committees

Name Position Hometown Term
Roger Yasuda Board Chair Fruitland 2017-2020
Kathy Clarich Board 1st Vice Vale 2018-2021
Merle Saunders Board Secretary Nyssa 2018-2021
Lee Pounds Board Treasurer New Plymouth 2016-2019
Bonnie Westerberg Board Member Vale 2016-2019
Karen Evers Board Member Fruitland 2016-2019
Derral Draper Board Member Payette 2017-2020
Daniel Longoni Board Member Ontario 2016-2019
Randy Griffin Board Member Ontario 2017-2020
Kathleen Rudd Supervisory Committee Ontario Annual Appointment
Cindy Ingram Supervisory Committee Ontario Annual Appointment
Kim Recla Supervisory Committee Vale Annual Appointment
Lynda Eden Supervisory Committee Ontario Annual Appointment